Sketch Portraits

Sketch Style Pet Portraitsterrier-pup-sketch-pet-portrait

Sketch Style Pet Portraits – In this portrait style I offer different mediums to choose from: Pastel, Charcoal, Graphite Pencil. I love being asked to do sketch style pet portraits because of the freedom it can allow in interpreting the detail for the viewer as well as the artist. There is an energy involved that expresses so much in just a few pencil, or pastel strokes. Animal Characteristics, lifelike and soulful gestures can be captured perfectly in this lively artistic style.

Here you will find a selection of portraits completed in my Expresive Sketch Style. Click the gallery images for a detailed view, see how to Order your Pet Portrait by going to the Purchasing page. I hope you enjoy viewing the portraits, please contact me with any commission enquiries or questions.

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If you would like to commission me for a Pet Portrait, please visit my contact page for all your enquiries.