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Order Your Pet Portrait – The following guidelines will help you place your order-please read in conjunction with my Terms and Conditions!

Remember, UK delivery is included in the price. Non UK residents please contact me for a shipping calculation.

If you would like to commission me for a Pet Portrait, please visit my contact page for all your enquiries.With my skills as a professional artist I will create a wonderful portrait of your pet that will be cherished and adored for many years. With my skills as a professional artist I will create a wonderful portrait of your pet that will be cherished and adored for many years.

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If you would like to commission me for a Pet Portrait, please visit my contact page for all your enquiries.


Choose your Photos



Your commissioned pet portrait will be painted from the photo(s) that you send me. Choose photos that are in good focus and the best quality for me to get a good detailed likeness, with some great personality and character included if possible. Visit my Photo Guide page for advice on what works well for prints and photos that you might already have or pictures that you may yet want to take. Ask me if you’re not sure which ones to send. Please contact me to discuss options if you want more than one pet in a portrait but only have separate photos of them, or would like a montage of several pets or poses. I can email you a mock-up proof (to see how the portrait’s composition might look) for your approval before confirming any portrait.

Photos can be sent to me in digital format by email to contact@petportraitArt.uk.co, or by post on a CD or Memory Stick. Send them at high resolution if possible so that they can be viewed and printed clearly. You can also send me traditional photo prints by post – ask me for my address. I will keep them safe and return them to you at the end of the commission in the same condition as I received them. Please try to avoid sending scanned images as they will not show great detail and this will alter the colours of the image. However, if they are the only options you have then please tell me and I will do what I can using my editing software to get clearer images to work from.


Choose your Composition

Any combination of animals can be included in your portrait. Here are a few examples:

  • One main animal portrait head/shoulders or full body (all sizes)
  • One main animal portrait as above, with smaller ‘montage’ sketches placed around it (Medium and Large size only)
  • Group poses (Large only)


Choose your Medium, Style and Size



Check the size and price tables to help you decide the size of portrait that you would like. You can always contact me at any point if you are unsure and I will be happy to help you decide which portrait would be best for your needs. The sizes I work with are approximately 11×8 inches (Small), 16×11 inches (Medium) and 23×16 inches (Large). The actual image sizes will be slightly smaller to allow for mounting.

A determining factor in choosing the size of your artwork may be the choice of how many animals you want in the portrait. For example, it would be very difficult to fit 2 or 3 animals in a Small sized portrait because details would be lost but they could be positioned more naturally and with greater detail by increasing the paper size.



I sometimes add a tonal background on my portraits (see Gallery) as I find this anchors the subject and gives the portrait a professional feel. However, you can advise me at the time of your initial order enquiry if you would prefer not to have the tonal background but would rather have a background of your own choosing. There will be an additional charge for this, dependent on how complex it is.


Choose your display option – Portrait or Landscape?

This is very important in considering how your finished commissioned artwork will look. Deciding whether a portrait should hang vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape) can depend on where you are going to display it as well as by the placement of the animal(s). The composition, number of subjects, and type of pose will often suggest a certain way that may be best for the painting. I am always happy to help you decide what would be the best orientation for your pet portrait.


Initial Order Enquiries

Complete the contact form with all (or as many as possible) of the details required and any questions you may have.

I will then contact you by email, or phone if you prefer, with any further information you might need before you are ready to make a final decision on your commission. I can advise you of my postal address if you need to send me photos on a CD, Memory Stick or traditional prints.

As soon as suitable photos have been chosen and we’ve agreed a style, medium, composition and size, I will send you a quotation which will remain valid for 30 days. The quote will advise you of the final price and approximate completion date of your portrait.

My lead-time is generally 4-6 weeks from payment of the deposit, but the waiting list can occasionally change unexpectedly so please make sure you notify me as early as possible if the portrait is required for a specific date and I will do my best to accommodate.


Confirming your Order

A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the final portrait price is required. Payment can be made securely by Paypal, but you can also use bank transfer (and cheque or postal order in the UK) – see my Payment Options page. I work on a first come, first served basis and the cleared payment of your deposit will secure the commission on my allocated client list.

I will send you an invoice confirming your order details, deposit payment, expected completion date and the remaining balance to be paid before delivery. You then have 7 business days if you wish to change your mind and cancel your order. In this case, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.


Work in Progress

Unless I hear from you within the 7-day cancellation period, I will start work on your commission at the allocated time in my work schedule. Your deposit will not be refunded after this point. You can notify me of any reasonable minor changes you would like to make within the 7-day cancellation period, which we can then discuss.

If I do not hear from you within those 7 days, I will continue with the work as originally planned.


Completion Stage and Final Payment

I will notify you by email as soon as the portrait is finished, with an image of the completed work for your approval. If you feel you would like changes made, please contact me straight away as these are not always possible and there may be extra charges for amendments beyond the scope of our original commission agreement.

If you are happy with the portrait, I will send you a final invoice for the remaining balance which can be paid by Paypal or bank transfer (UK residents can also use a cheque or postal order). Your Portrait will be shipped to you as soon as your final payment has cleared.