Photo Guide

Photo Guide for your Pet Portraitsyorkshire-terrier-photo-tips

Pet Portrait Photography Tips – The photos you send to me are the most important part of your portrait commission. For the best quality painting, good quality photos will give me the fine detail that I need to capture the true character and likeness of your pet. I usually work from one main photo but additional images can help me get to know your pet. It’s very useful for me to see close up details of your pet’s features, with the eyes and fur being especially important for individual character. If you particularly want me to use an old or faded photo, I can let you know whether it can be enhanced sufficiently using software to get a good enough likeness.

icon-camera-retroI am happy to check your photographs, digital or traditional prints, and liaise with you to choose the best images to use. Please contact me to discuss options if you want more than one pet in a portrait but only have separate photos of them, or would like a montage of several pets or poses. I can produce a mock-up proof of how it could look using photo editing software.

If you would like to commission me for a Pet Portrait, please visit my contact page for all your enquiries.


If you want to take some photos of your pet especially for me to paint from, here’s a quick guide…


   Natural light is usually best and photographing your pet outside can capture a great deal of detail in its colours and fur. Avoid really sunny days, as these make the photo too bright and will cast awkward shadows and highlights. Bright but slightly overcast is good.



Avoid using a Flash! But if you have to use one, avoid pointing the camera directly into the animal’s eyes and watch out for flashback from mirrors and windows, which can make the image even brighter!


Colours need to be clear and sharp with no dark areas of shadow. If there are too many dark areas I will not be able to pick out as many details.



Close up details of your pet’s features like the eyes, nose and fur are especially important for individual personality or include any other details you think characterise your pet.


Photograph your pet at their eye level in a natural and comfortable pose. Imagine what you want the portrait to look like and try to compose your photo accordingly. Ideally, your subject needs to fill the photo without omitting any of the details you may want.




    Digital Photos. Try and send me the largest size digital photos possible. Original size images directly from the digital camera are best or just send me the biggest size you are able.


Most important of all, have fun and happy memories photographing or choosing your ideal photos for your special Pet Portrait Commission!