Pastel Portraits

Pastel Painting Pet Portraitsgrey-longhair-cat-pastel

Detailed Pastel Pet Portraits – My Pastel Paintings are hand-painted using a variety of Soft and Hard pastels. This wonderful medium allows me to create great detail which is superb for lifelike animal portraits.The pastel colours are generally overlaid or blended together on a variety of acid free pastel papers. A portrait painting can gradually appear to take on the characteristics of its subject as I work. I try to include as much detail as possible in order to get a good likeness and then find that the personality follows naturally.

As an artist, it takes a great deal of skill to use this medium to its best potential, and I prefer to produce a portrait which captures your pet’s characteristics, features and personality rather than a photo realistic copy. Here you will find some examples of my portraits in the Pastel Painting Style. Click the gallery images for a detailed view, see how to Order your Pet Portrait by going to the Purchasing page. I hope you enjoy viewing the portraits, please contact me with any commission enquiries or questions.

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If you would like to commission me for a Pet Portrait, please visit my contact page for all your enquiries.