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mail-delivery-iconYou can mail me your Photos, CD or USB Pen Drive. On request of the mailing address.

How to Contact Me

Thank you for contacting me. Please enter your details below and use the message box to answer the questions on the left. I will reply to your query as soon as possible.


I hope that you have enjoyed – browsing my website and am pleased that you would like to contact me. At the top of this page you will find an Initial Enquiry Form with some questions next to it. If you would like to commission a pet portrait and have a good idea of what you require, answering these questions will enable me to give you a quote more quickly and accurately. If you’re not sure though, just answer as many as possible to give an idea of options to consider. Always include any information you think might help as well!

When replying, I will ask for any further information from you that will help the process along and give you the information you need to send me your photos. Once I have seen the photos and have all the necessary details, I will send you a Quotation which will include an estimated completion date. The quote will remain valid for 30 days, so after this period you would have to check back with me for its accuracy before ordering.

I require a deposit of 30% of the commission price before booking your commission into my work schedule. Please see my Terms and Conditions, Purchasing and Payment Options pages before paying.

Gift Vouchers and Gift Certificate Packs are available using the Inquiry Form on my Gift Ordering page.



Look forward to hearing from you!