About Me as a Pet Portrait Artistartist-picture

I am a professional artist – Animal & Pet Portrait Artist living and working with my partner in a studio in the UK, with an abundance of very welcome cats, squirrels, birds and foxes visiting our garden at all hours!

From childhood my passion has always been to draw, paint or create in some form or other, as it still is today. Since graduating from art college I’ve spent many years working in the creative commercial industry, using my skills as an artist in graphic design and illustration to produce highly professional work on many projects and commissions. Although at the time it was very challenging, it was also very rewarding. It taught me a great deal in many aspects of artistic work and I enjoyed liaising with many creative professionals, but now I am fulfilling my dream of working solely as a freelance artist.

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If you would like to commission me for a Pet Portrait, please visit my contact page for all your enquiries.

Clients put a great deal of trust in me to produce a true likeness of their pet, so their reaction and pleasure at seeing the finished portrait overwhelms me with pride. That’s why I love what I do. I endeavour to capture the very character and spirit of each animal that I am requested to paint in a way that a photograph never could. My love of animals has always been a very strong influence in my life and over the years I have been privileged to watch many dogs, cats and rabbits become much-loved members of my family. As a result, I can identify and appreciate your pet’s individual personality. The portrait you commissionfrom me would be the greatest memento of that!